Bad Uncle scene

I have many unforgettable scenes in Bad Uncle (Family Portrait Book 5) so choosing one scene as my favorite was a task. The reason I love this scene i...

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Favorite Scene – Bad Uncle

Bad Uncle Excerpts Bubble

Here are a few excerpts from Bad Uncle (Family Portrait Book 5) Excerpt 1   Haze switched his thoughts to Adriana. Every fiber of his being was in lo...

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Excerpts from Bad Uncle

Seventeen-year-old Zax Banovic was tall, gorgeous and smelled like citrus with a hint of musk. His sandy blond hair, mesmerizing blue eyes, and kissab...

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Excerpt – Perfect Escape

  Chapter 10: The Other DaCosta Kevin watched from the sidelines as L’Wren took a final bow at the edge of the runway as excited onlookers gave her...

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Excerpt – Bastard’s Brew

Chapter 19: Cocktails and Dreams L’Wren entered Bacchanal Jake’s with two of her girlfriends. While their intention was to have fun and enjoy the...

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Excerpt – Banovic Siblings

Chapter 8: The Muse Down the hall, Adriana waited for her turn to audition. The place still had lots of girls even though the process seemed to be goi...

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Excerpt – Changes