California Locations

The locations used in the Family Portrait series are a huge part of the story and I consider them non human characters. The major locations I’ve...

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Family Portrait Locations

All about Changes

Ready, Set, Drama Adriana Banovic’s 15th birthday sucked! She got fired after eight years of playing Shayanne Montgomery on the #1 soap in the coun...

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Everything Changes

The Series so Far logo

We’re 4 books into the Family Portrait series and I thought I’d chat about the series so far and what’s to come 😉 In Changes you ...

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The Series So Far

Gillian Felix nails another gut-wrenching and magnetic addition to this series, doling out just enough reality and high tension energy to make putting...

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The Reviews – Perfect Escape

Haze Lyndon Walk of Fame

Up and coming model Haze C. Lyndon, 22, relocated to Los Angeles, California from Madison, Wisconsin and is enrolled in UCLA’s art program. I had a ...

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Haze Lyndon in Los Angeles

The Family Portrait Series

One of the things in my view that keeps the Family Portrait series moving forward are the love triangles and tangles the characters get themselves in...

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Love Triangles and Tangles

If you’ve been keeping up with my novel series Family Portrait, then by now you probably love or hate the characters. “The Banovic and th...

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Meet the DaCostas

Banovic family

I thought I’d pull back the curtains of my Family Portrait series and share with you some of my inspiration behind the story. The series was bu...

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Evolution of the Banovics

Creating the Perfect Escape When I sat down to write Perfect Escape my mind was in a different place. I had it all outlined and took out parts of the ...

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Creating the Perfect Escape

  Welcome to the launch of my new book Perfect Escape (Family Portrait Book 4).  For a limited time you can purchase Perfect Escape (Family Port...

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Perfect Escape Kickoff Tour