Seventeen-year-old Zax Banovic was tall, gorgeous and smelled like citrus with a hint of musk. His sandy blond hair, mesmerizing blue eyes, and kissab...

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Excerpt – Perfect Escape

  Chapter 10: The Other DaCosta Kevin watched from the sidelines as L’Wren took a final bow at the edge of the runway as excited onlookers gave her...

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Excerpt – Bastard’s Brew

Chapter 19: Cocktails and Dreams L’Wren entered Bacchanal Jake’s with two of her girlfriends. While their intention was to have fun and enjoy the...

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Excerpt – Banovic Siblings

Chapter 8: The Muse Down the hall, Adriana waited for her turn to audition. The place still had lots of girls even though the process seemed to be goi...

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Excerpt – Changes

Family Portrait Logo

I had originally written Family Portrait as a television series then decided to convert it to a series of novels. At the heart of it all the series is...

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About the Books

Gillian Felix funny

  Gillian Felix and Aaron Spelling Gillian Felix was born in Port of Spain, Trinidad. She grew up watching night time soap operas by Aaron Spelli...

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Meet Author Gillian Felix