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What is/are your main genre/field of writing? (ie: Literary Fiction, Young Adult, Romance, Horror, Mystery, Non-Fiction, Poetry, etc.)

My genre would be New Adult, fiction, drama. Because of the content of my series, even though the main characters are fifteen-year-old girls, they deal with very grown up issues and the people around them are also highly featured. It is not a light and fluffy series… it ranges from dark to funny.

​What is your writing routine​? Do you have any writing rituals?

I’ve found my writing sweet spot is around 9pm – 11pm on weekdays and 6pm – 10pm on weekends. Although I can write anytime the ideas hit, but mostly that’s my writing schedule. I usually write in my little desk in the corner of my bedroom. I also hand write scenes at work during my down time if I get an idea for a scene. I get ideas for scenes usually while I’m hiking, out in nature or sometimes if I am listening to music while doing chores, or just before bed.

When you are preparing to write a new story, what kinds of techniques or methods do you use to organize your ideas?

Family Portrait was originally written as a television series in script format in Celtix software. I rewrote it book form. It is kind of tricky because writing for television and for readers is completely different. I found that I have to arc the stories differently to make it easier for readers to follow, since they are not seeing the characters on screen every week. I had to combine at least 3 or more episodes into one book. The thing with that is, if not done correctly, it could affect story-lines further down the series. To keep track of story-lines, I have a five section notebook with tabs (*the Bible). Before I start a new book I refer to the “bible” to see what story I could tell and which I could wrap up. Then I take to my white board and put the chapters down in points.

*In show running everything about the show is kept in a document called the show Bible.

When it’s time to revise/edit your work, do you have any particular methods that you use to help you through the process? ​

My first draft is always the sloppiest. I just write things as they come. Then during the second draft, I ponder what could be expanded upon. I take it chapter by chapter and analyze it to make sure there is enough drama, if the story-line works or if the character is true to their personality. When I am finished with the second draft I send it to my story editor for her to analyze and let me know if everything is clear. I’ve found that it’s always good to get a second eye when it comes to the way the story flows… it may make complete sense to me, but to someone else, it may be confusing. The third draft is what I send to my proofreader, who then edits for grammatical errors, punctuation, spelling and continuity.

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