Banovic Siblings Dec cover I loved this one! This was my favourite. This is when the Banovic and the DeCosta children start to come into their own. They are not innocent  like other NA book characters. These children are involved in a lot of dodgy connections. I can’t even start to pinpoint what I liked the most!

Kevin and his sordid relationship with the malicious DeCosta mother Savi. Or Adrianna’s relationship with the oh so beautiful model Haze who  is 21 and doesn’t know that Adrianna is 15! A secret she is willing to do anything to prevent him from finding out! Or even the ever so sweet  LeighAnn’s one sided love of Adrianna’s brother Zax. Argh there was just so much to LOVE!

All I know is that I devoured this novel in an hour. When Kevin realised that he had feelings for Savi’s step-daughter L’Wren I thought I was  going to burst. Especially as L’Wren had a horrible girl-friend beating boyfriend. Let’s just say the ending was amazing and left me reaching for  book 3. – Rachel Paelin


I don’t usually read that genre but I enjoyed reading this book. I liked the variety of characters, their stories and uniqueness. And the endless drama!
I’m sad that the book ends on a cliffhanger but it’ll make picking up the book 3 much more exciting! – Jolanta Daab

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I had a few laugh out loud moments and one huge CLIFFHANGER! Gezz I’m on the edge to find out what happens next! We need more! This could definitely be on the big screen…

Favourite character: has to be Kevin with out a doubt, caught by the devil and the deep blue sea, I hope he teaches Jeff a lesson or two.

Adrianna: she’s just a minx! sweet and innocent on the outside but just don’t cross her! really a chameleon in disguise.

Zax: is just a Sweetheart – Oblivious to what’s going on around him with Leighanna.

I absolutely loved this story written at a very high standard very talented one not to be overlooked. Highly recommend 5 mind blowing stars

My playlist for this book would be The Killers – Direct Hits 2013. – Nikki

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A fast fun read that will give you a soap opera feel and leave you wondering what will happen next. – Mel


Why, oh, why did this book have to end? Seriously, I was reading, reading, reading, and the inevitable “The End” comes. I literally was like “OMG, Gillian, you are torturing me!” 2013 has been jammed to the brim with books for me and I have to say that the Family Portrait series is by far, one of the best series I have ever read in my life!

You guys need, and I stress it, neeeed to get your hands on a copy of both Changes and The Banovic Siblings and start reading. They are shorter books, (I read mine in a couple hours…and I am a slow reader) so you cannot go wrong! You will LOVE them and will be left crying out for more, like me! – Jovon Tucker


This is a good book definitely geared more towards young adults. When reading this book it reminded me a lot of the show Gossip Girl that ran on the CW network. There is a lot of drama but ends before it all gets completed. This also reminds me that you never knew how long one drama cycle would last from one episode to another.

Over all the writing it good, there is a real plot here that you don’t find in many books but I don’t like it when you have a book that has as many characters as this has and no one has a resolution by the end of the book. I did not read the first book and was given this one by the author for an honest review.

So honestly I think the book is good but it should have something that keeps readers coming back for more but also gives you a sense that when reading this book you got some conclusion to something.

Overall I would recommend this book but it should be for young adults and with a bit of caution due to the drug use in this book. – Jenny Brightman Harris.

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I really enjoyed the first volume of this series by Ms Felix, and was happy to read the second. I really wanted to find out what happened with these characters, and learn more about them.

Each character is so different from the others, and they each have their own little story throughout the book. I was happy to start figuring out how each character and story was connected to the other. A few other characters were introduced in this volume, with small roles, but I was still intrigued by what they added to the story.

In a way, it reminds me of the show 90210 with all the different characters and love triangles that seem to be forming.

I was hooked on that show, and I can only imagine how this series will play out! If you’re looking for a fun, quick read, then I suggest checking out this series! – Tina VanDynHoven


I was excited to read The Banovic Siblings after reading Changes. The way the Gillian Felix slowly builds her characters and intertwines all of their lives intrigues me.

I love the storyline and would love to see it become a television series.

My favorite characters are Leighann and Haze. Adriana is a very perplexing character, such a trouble maker, but she also has a soft, vulnerable side. Kevin…I’m waiting to see how he plays out in this series with his bad boy dark side fighting with his good heart.

Great job, Gillian, weaving together an intriguing story with such a vast variety of characters! – Karen-Anne Stewart, Author

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Author Gillian Felix has created primetime-worthy reading here, so set up your mental wide screen and sit back and take a deep breath, because once you start page one, you will be going at warp speed as these teens navigate the webs they have woven.

Great characters, flawed, too mature for their own good and most definitely entertaining, you will love them one page and while on the next, you’ll be ready shake some sense into them.

All the while, you have to marvel at how they have managed to survive in the dog-eat-dog world they live in! – Di Bylo, Amazon Top Reviewer


It’s really hard to write this review. I want so badly to discuss some of the storylines, but I don’t want to give anything away. Suffice it to say, some of the stories are about to get really interesting. Some secrets are bound to come out soon. I can’t wait to see what happens.

If you grew up watching 90210 and Melrose Place and/or currently enjoy shows like those on the CW (I’m guessing on that reference since I don’t get that channel, but the commercials for the shows seem similar), you should definitely give these books a try.

They are very entertaining. The third book is due out April 13th. I imagine it will be torture having to wait for the rest of the series. – Julie K

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